Mahila Mandali



Mahila Mandali is Women's wing of Melbourne Telugu Association Inc. A brief current and future proposed activities.

Mahila Mandali, women's wing of Melbourne Telugu Association Inc., The sub-committee consisted of Smt. XXXXX, Smt XXXX, XXXX and Smt.XXXX. 

The various ideas put forward by our enthusiastic women are as follows.

  •   workshop on interview preparation and useful tips for job seekers.
  •  stress management, nutrition, art and craft, food demonstrations, beauty and relaxation (Reiki and Pranic healing) techniques.
  •  organise various dance, drama and group singing activities for our women and children in various functions held annually promoting our Telugu culture and values.
  • Ladies picnic and family picnic, encouraging physical fitnes, bush walks, sports, games etc
  • Women's health, beauty and nutrition
  • Charity and senior citizens/community-based activities, blood donation, help in soup kitchens etc.
  • Monthly bush walks
  • Tree planting in consultation with local councils
  • Physical fitness and sports/outdoor activities
  • Literary and recreational activities
  • Organise family dinner and dance promoting our festivals.
  • Art and craft (painting, embroidery, flower/fruit and salad , easy and healthy cooking. 
  • Improving our communication skills promoting traditional family values for our children.
  • Organise factory outlet shopping or long-distance bus tours for women
  • Ladies or family end-of-the-year dinner and dance

Please stay tuned to Telugu Vani or visit for the upcoming Mahila Mandali events. If you would like to participate or wish to co-ordinate any of the above Mahila Mandali activities, please mail your interest to or contact Smt XXX on 04XXXXXXX.