2016/2017 BARRA SERIES

Expectations were high when 12 boats left the start to fish Round 1 of the MTA Summer Series Barra Competition last Saturday afternoon (15th October). The dam had prefished well in the week leading up to the competition and being held the night before the full moon, anglers were hoping to boat some of the monster barra the dam is renowned for. Unfortunately, a 2° drop in the water temperature and 25 knot winds had a huge impact on the fish. 

Only 12 fish were caught by 5 boats in the whole 7 hour competition that started at 5.00pm. 7 boats flicked non-stop, with some not even getting a hit all night.

Shane Fahl & Jamie Sleeman caught 4 fish totalling 375cm and took out the comp. Coleman Roberts & Chris Roberts caught 3 totalling 262cm to take 2nd place and Rance Barnett & Justin Waldon finished 3rd, catching 2 fish totalling 194cm. Justin Waldon was also the winner of the biggest barra - 101cm. Thanks to Tackle Pro for sponsoring the comp and donating a spin reel for biggest Barra.

Information on Round 2 is below. To nominate please phone 0419770229 or message our Facebook page.


WInners of Round 1: Shane Fahl & Jamie Sleeman


Biggest Barra Winner: Justin Waldon          Briefing 

Round 2 - 3rd/4th December Peter Faust Dam: 2 Session Event: Session 1 Saturday 12.30pm - 7.30pm. Session 2 : Sunday 6am - 1.00pm.

Round 3 - 11th February Teemburra Dam - Saturday 4.00pm - Sunday 8.00am

Round 4 - 25th March Teemburra Team Championship. 2 Session Event. Session 1: 8.00am - 12.30pm. Session 2: 1.30pm - 6.30pm.